The benefits of marketing milestones

Every business has its milestones and business achievements, such as an important event, anniversary, a new location, or a new service. Thewayforward can create powerful marketing opportunities from these business achievements.

Thewayforward can design your milestone logo
This logo can do one of two things: It can either replace the existing company logo temporarily or it can be complementary to the existing logo and used as a ’seal’ or endorsement.

Key steps to how this is achieved:
Well thought out marketing plan
As well as marketing to clients and prospects, employees are brand ambassadors so it is essential to have have initiatives to give them pride in the company while also spreading the word about the milestone in business.
Effective implementation
Consistent use of message with professional graphics throughout builds equity, awareness, and differentiation.

The benefits of a well-planned and executed milestone marketing plan can be:
• Relationship-building opportunity
• Increasing new and repeat business
• Steadily growing the client base
• Spreading recognition in your sector
• Boosts employee morale, performance and loyalty 
• Establishing a clear, competitive advantage, differentiating the business
• Attracting new prospects and enabling growth.
• Conveying to clients and prospects that the company is doing well. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to create and implement an effective milestone marketing plan.

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