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A strong brand creates rational and emotional bonds, which can:
Create preference
Give a competitive advantage
Engender loyalty
Encourage prospects to use your services or buy your products
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thank you to our clients for their support

“To develop our new partnership we decided to really think about our brand - we worked with identity and branding agency, TheWayForward, to help us think through our positioning, understand our brand essence and ultimately produce excellent design.”

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Paul Houghton Founder of Rebus Partners Limited

“It’s been a pleasure working with you all this year – thank you for championing brand and communications and helping to raise our profile amongst those at BACB.”

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David Macdonald Director of Marketing & Communications, BACB

“I enjoy working with you enormously and we’ll be speeding ahead next year. We are a formidable team!.”

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Maria Jones Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications – Europe, London Branch FAB

“Through its rebranding work, Thewayforward has helped raise our profile, making it easier to recruit staff and expand our business. The new corporate identity and branding have been applied across the business: from clinic and building design, through signage and uniforms, to the website, marketing and promotional materials. Our new identity reflects our brand values of high quality care and professionalism, helping us become one of the UK’s leading veterinary groups.”

Erwin Hohn Head of Marketing Medivet Veterinary Group

“We were very pleased with the prestigious marketing and promotional materials that TheWayForward produced for our UK launch. We will certainly use their services again when launching our private banking subsidiary in London”

Andrew Martin Chief Executive Officer at Zenith Bank (UK) limited

“Thewayforward helped us rejuvenate Hillingdon’s brand by reinstating and updating our traditional coat of arms. It has given us a much stronger corporate identity, helping to raise the council’s profile and playing a part in helping us to win several national awards. The new brand guidelines and design templates have allowed us to create new branded materials which are entirely consistent with our brand and image”

David Holdstock Head of Corporate Communications London Borough of Hillingdon

“Thewayforward managed to integrate all aspects of this design development – product design, graphics, materials selection and ergonomics – very successfully”

Patrick S Briggs Retail Visual Identity Project Manager Shell International Petroleum Limited