Kimberley & Wooton

The aim was to introduce a strong identity for a new sixth form college, Kimberley College.

Kimberley is part of the Wootton Academy Trust (WAT) which also runs a successful secondary school, Wootton Upper School and Arts College (Wootton School).
The guiding principle of this branding exercise was to ensure a strong link to WAT and between the two colleges whilst allowing the individual character of each to shine through.
This was accomplished by using a graphic of the full colour spectrum which also allows for future colleges to be added at a later stage.

Client: Wooton Academy Trust
Services: Brand identity, advertising

Brand strategy

Once the brand essence was established the values/personality of each college was developed.
The core values are the same but the secondary values are where the colleges started to diverge and develop their own personalities. In addition, each college articulates the core values to reflect their own style and ambition.

Brand identity

The college logos brings together the core values in typographical and graphic form.
i.e The red/orange/yellow palette is used to reflect artistic energy for the arts college Wootton and the blue/purple palette to demonstrate a calm, practical, scientific approach for Kimberley, the stem college.